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Summer in Washington

Congressional Internship Program

The Associated Blind, Inc. (TAB) in partnership with American Council of the Blind
invite all eligible students from New York City to apply for an Internship through
a new program called "Summer in Washington."

These internships in the legislative branch of our Federal government for blind and
visually impaired young adults acknowledges the importance of their contribution in
developing future political and social-economic policy.

The program is designed:

  • to expose students to policy making, legislative proceedings;
  • to teach an understanding of how the political process works;
  • and how to make positive changes.

Here's how it works:

  • Students selected for the summer program will go to Washington D.C. to work in the offices of senate or congressional representatives for New York State.
  • Students will be provided with housing at a local university.
  • Students receive a stipend while participating in the internship.
  • Transportation to and from Washington D.C. will be paid for by the program.
  • Students will participate in a New York City-based training program and orientation prior to internship.
  • Students will receive mobility training in Washington.
  • Students will keep journals and complete weekly reading assignments.
  • Students will conduct an information interview with a leading disability advocate.
  • Academic credit may be arranged. (students must initiate this).

Invitation to Attend Open House

All interested students and their parents are invited to attend an Open House
on Thursday March 29th at 6:00 PM:

  • To learn how to apply.
  • To Meet the Staff.
  • To Ask Questions.

This event is being held in the office of The Associated Blind, Inc., which is
located at 110 William Street on the 9th Floor, between John and Fulton Streets.
Our office is easily accessible by subway. You can get here on the
2, 3, 4, 5, A, or C trains.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible to apply for the Summer in Washington program, students must be
currently enrolled full-time in an accredited institution of higher education in
New York State.

How to Apply?

1. Complete Summer in Washington Application Form Online.
We recommend that students use the list of application questions to prepare their
answers off-line and then return and enter their answers on-line.

Note: you'll find links to questions and to application below

2. Submit two letters of recommendation.
One must be from a professor, and the other from employer, or other person who can
address your strengths and weaknesses. Letters cannot be from a relative.

3. Write a 500-word essay about "How and why your future career can benefit
from this experience."

4. Submit copy of current academic transcripts from your school.

5. Arrange for interview.
   Note: Interviews will be required for all finalists.

Deadline for Submitting Application

All application materials must be submitted online or by U.S. Postal Service,
Federal Express, or other carrier and received no later than Friday April 6th, 2001.

Late applications will not be excepted.

If you require assistance with the application or have any questions, contact
RoseMarie McCaffery at (212) 766-6800 extension 113.

Good luck!

Summer in Washington list of application questions
Summer in Washington Application Form
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